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Written Notice Served to Queen on Matters of Genocide, Sovereignty and Treaty March 16, 2006

Posted by campsovereignty in Press Statements.

Final written warning was today delivered to Queen Elizabeth the Second to address the fundamental issues of Genocide, Sovereignty and Treaty within 28 days or legal action would be carried out in the International Criminal Court of Justice.

Robbie Thorpe delivered the notice in person to Government House in Melbourne where the Queen is currently residing.

"I have exhausted all other legal avenues in this country to get these fundamental legal issues resolved. Despite victory in the Federal Court of Australia to force the Australian Government to pass legislation to make genocide a crime in Australia, these issues are still not being addressed.

"Queen Elizabeth II is the sovereign ruler of this nation and she is ultimately responsible for the running of this country. Unless she instructs the initiation of legal redress within the next 28 days, I will be taking this case further to the International Criminal Court.

"Our people never ceded Sovereignty over these lands; we have never given consent for what is effectively an undeclared war on our lands and against our people. We must have custodial rights over our sacred sites and the recognition of our traditional ceremony and practice entrenched in law.

"Unless The Queen instructs to make progress on these fundamental legal issues, she will be facing the prospect of an International Criminal Court summons."

Legal notice as follows:

To Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II

C/- Government House




Notice is hereby given that unless the addressee of this letter:

I. Instructs the Australian Government to introduce legislation to the Senate to Recognise Sovereignty for Indigenous People in Australia;

II. Instructs the Australian Government to begin negotiations on her behalf for Treaty between the Australian Government and Indigenous Nations;

Charges will be laid in the International Criminal Court on the Crime of Genocide as defined in the International Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.

All other legal avenues within the Legal System within the State of Australia have been exhausted.

Please contact Robert Thorpe Esquire within 28 days of this notice to inform the above conditions have been met to avoid further legal action.



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