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Camp Sovereignty Thanks Greens for Solidarity March 19, 2006

Posted by campsovereignty in Press Statements.

The Black GST Stolenwealth Games Convergence in King's Domain today thanked Green Party Senator for Western Australia, Rachel Seiwart for her message of support and solidarity, which was delivered to camp today.

Rachel Siewart issued a public statement today in support of Camp Sovereignty and in support of the aims and objectives of the Black GST.

"While most of the nations representatives in Canberra are living in a state of denial about the history of colonisation in Australia, it is refreshing to hear a clear voice of reality coming from one corner of the Senate" said Robbie Thorpe today.

"We welcome the respect Sen. Seiwart has demonstrated towards our people, in particular her willingness to receive guidance from our elders as to how to redress the injustices of the past.

"Humble respect from politicians towards Aboriginal people is a very rare thing, and we look forward to working with Sen. Seiwart and other members of the Greens in the future."

Rachel Siewart's Statement:

Message of Support and Solidarity

To all the traditional custodians, and people from across the country gathered for the Stolenwealth Games…

As spokesperson for Indigenous Issues for the Australian Greens I would like to express our support for the ongoing struggle of Indigneous peoples towards self-determination and justice.

The Greens will work with Aboriginal peoples towards redressing the grave injustices of the past and seeking guidance from Indigenous Australians as to the best way of doing so.

The Prime Minister and those who came before him have much to be sorry for.

With an average life expectancy some 20 years less than other Australians, high levels of encarceration, lack of access to basic services such as healthcare, suitable husing and community services, and with the loss of opportunities for representation and self-determination there is much that needs to be resolved to ensure justice and equality for Indigenous Australians.

Indigenous Australians are the most marginalised and disadvantaged group in Australia, and yet the Howard Government and the ALP continue to ignore their needs.

We acknowledge the injustice done and the need for fundamental changes to address the issues of the Black GST campaign.

We continue to support the campaign for true reconciliation that addresses the injustice of the past and looks towards a hopeful future where all in this country can respect and honour all peoples, cultures, religions and our land. 



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