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Black GST Newsletter March 28, 2006

Posted by campsovereignty in Analysis, Camp News.


1. Black GST camp wrap up date
As the end of the Stolenwealth Games draws near on the weekend, preparations are likewise underway to wrap up the Black GST Stolenwealth Games campaign. There is a cycling road race around the Botanic Gardens (including King’s Domain) on Sunday 26th March making it near impossible to move camp facilities off site on that day. Therefore the big pack-up day is Saturday 25th.

Please attend camp to take responsibility for any gear committed in support of the Black GST and/or lend a hand. Please note also that anyone who has taken images, film or sound recordings, written stories or in any way documented the campaign: you must return copies of these materials to the Black GST. This is an essential protocol of courtesy and respect. Thankyou!!
Black GST
PO Box 4320
Uni of Melbourne PO
Parkville, VIC 3052.

2. Success and celebration
The Black GST declares that as of Saturday our action in Kings Domain in Melbourne is complete. We claim victory, having attained our goals for the Stolenwealth Games campaign.

In line with principles of sovereignty, we recognise Camp Sovereignty in its own right and hand over responsibility for the future of the camp to the people who make up Camp Sovereignty (to be negotiated with Boon Wurrung owners of the land).

In the next couple of days we will be announcing a night of celebration and reflection on the Stolenwealth Games campaign, to be held about a week from now, somewhere in Melbourne.

So stay tuned!



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