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Stolenwealth Campaign Victory March 28, 2006

Posted by campsovereignty in Analysis, Camp News.

1. Black GST Stolenwealth Games Campaign Victory – meeting and celebration
As promised last newsletter, we would like to announce the time, date and venue of a public meeting and celebration to mark the completion of the Black GST 'Stolenwealth Games' campaign – the first major campgain in an ongoing struggle.

6pm Sunday April 2nd, Trades Hall Bar, Trades Hall, Carlton (corner Victoria and Lygon Sts)

All Indigenous people and Supporters are invited to come along and hear speeches, reflections, and see some photos, press clippings and video footage from the past 2 weeks. Also a chance to hand over copies of footage and photos and clippings we may not have yet.

2. Permanent presence at Camp Sovereignty
Camp Sovereignty, in its own right, is now a permanent presence in King’s Domain. Below is a list of needed items, if people would like to know how to continue to support Camp Sovereignty staying strong. So far reports are it’s feeling real solid. During the day its business as usual.
•       Wood
•       Eucalypt branches for the Sacred Fire ( just ask the tree before taking from it )
•       Food – Bread Milk Fruit Eggs Meat …
•       Ice – don’t bring perishable foods without also bringing ice please!
•       Candles, camp lights, couple more torches, batteries
•       Tobacco
•       Solar Powered Generator (*someone offered one at some stage?)
•       or Small generator
•       Nice chairs for elderly custodians and guests
There’s also flag, banner and sign making to be done, if folk wanna help.

Pop in to make contact and drop off donated goods and provisions. Visit at King’s Domain, just off St Kilda Road near the NGVi and Victoria College of the Arts.



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