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Reflections of Camp Sovereignty – 13th April April 13, 2006

Posted by campsovereignty in Support.

Mandy Field
Tribal lore returns
The old language
A reminder of the right way

Not a language that speaks of systems and structures
But of a moral code

We all know this lore
Our families all once lived by it

A language of truth, of justice
Fire and flag.
Lore is not just a cultural language, or an indigenous language
But a moral language

Older than time itself

Law and Lore
Mandy Field

Its so very good for us here, us whitefella
There is no place here for the whitefella ego
It just doesn’t work
It just simply doesn’t get us anywhere

Its so very good for us here, to remember how to be humble
As Australians
Known to the world as laid back and easy going.
May that be humble, rather than apathetic or lazy.

Let’s look to the pioneers and their moral code.
Of camaraderie, brotherhood, sisterhood
People supporting people
People respecting people

Or the colonial system of imposed law
That corrupted and suppressed, even tortured and massacred our ancestors

A law enforced to the very end.
The end of lives, of tribes
Of traditions, of what is sacred
To this country and its custodians

Black white pioneer convict migrant refugee
Indigenous or non-indigenous
Captive of war, Hero of war
declared or undeclared
Unionist artist missionary

A historical climate of difference
Of peoples struggles for a better life
Escaping tyranny

Let’s bring about the kind of Australia that we can all believe in
Tolerance respect
Liberty fraternity equality

Freedom from oppression,
From a dictated system

How much of our ‘own’ world, do we choose for ourselves?
How much can we affect change

Lets start examining the (in)balance of power.



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