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Camp Sovereignty ANZAC Day update April 24, 2006

Posted by campsovereignty in Camp News.

Anzac Day – supporters are asked to attend Camp Sovereignty's Sacred Fire at either (or all) of three times –

6am Service – to remember the forgotten indigenous heroes of past wars. This is a time for healing and ask that all supporters are to attend with peace in mind. We don't expect any trouble from the Anzacs. It has been asked that people don't camp as we don't want to cloud the important issues to be discussed on the day.

12 noon – an additional healing ceremony will be held to remember and respect the fallen men, women and children who have died on this land. Relatives of World War 1 & 2 heroes will also be in attendance to tell stories of discriminatory War Pension payments. Soldier Settlements for the promised land payments were rarely given. If they were given it was by splitting up Indigenous Reserves in an outrageous snub to their war efforts. The details of these stories will be spelt out in full for the media to digest.

12.30 We cannot be extinguished – Ceremony to spread the Fire

Ceremony to take/send the Sacred Healing Fire back to communities. Indigenous people all over Australia are taking up the challenge to establish a Fire of resistance in each community. The Sacred Fire has captured the imagination of Indigenous people and supporters on many levels.

The Sacred Fire represents law, the strength of Aboriginal culture, and is an affirmation of our culture.The Fire, as a Flame of Resistance, also represents the history of Indigenous resistance to the imposition of British Sovereignty. It connects Indigenous struggles worldwide – ashes from the Fire have been taken and sent to communities overseas, and Indigenous people have given wood from their country to become part of the Fire.

In this way the Fire both contains and spreads an incredible network and a spirit of resistance.

Start your own flame and let us know. No matter what tricks the press play, this campaign has captured the hearts and minds like no other since the embassy in 1972 and the creation of the aboriginal flag, so help spread the word, spread the Sacred Flame of peace, healing and justice as White Australia is put on notice to sort out the unfinished business. Until that is sorted let indigenous people go about their healing process through the sacred flame. We have seen young men turned around by the power of the flame – this is what's needed. Finally indigenous issues have been put back on centre stage, this time by a group of committed grass roots indigenous people that don't pertain to the Noel Pearson/ Warren Mundine agenda.

Watch this space for reports on the spread of the flame. We look forward to your continued support as we keep indigenous issues alive in the vacuum of endless reports resulting in hollow words again and again. As Robbie Thorpe said last night 'no amount of money, no amounts of bureaucracy is doing any healing like this fire is.'

Ok, a few more quality rain jackets wouldn't go astray, as would a lawyer or ten.

See you with a gum leaf,

Camp Sov Crew



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