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Happy 50th! Supporters Update 28th April April 28, 2006

Posted by campsovereignty in Camp News.

Yes – this Sunday is 50 days at Camp Sovereignty!

With the countdown to the Injunction Deadline, lets make the most of this sovereign land. The Anzac Day commemorations were a unifying event with about 200 there at the peak and over 500 people visiting over the
day. There were about 11 different mobs given sacred ashes to keep the fire burning for indigenous culture throughout the nations (including Torres Strait).

Wayne Thorpe conducted a smoking ceremony at dusk to about 100 people, with emotions gathering as the thick smoke of so manygum leaves passed through us and into lifelong memories.

The ashes ceremonies have been continuing over the last few days and there's lots more to come. Any mobs out there wanting to spread theFire to their own lands should get in touch with Camp S!

Enough reminiscing, night shift crew are needed, more wood (desperate!) & leaves, some gas for cooking, anyone with a laptop – turn up and you'll soon have a wealth of information to shape into a letter to send to all your international friends. We must push this campaign overseas as much as possible. Even if u can't get to the camp be a cyberactivist: send an email (or five), link us into your favourite website.

*For all indigenous crew*, there will be a Kulin Nations meeting onMonday at 1.30pm, called by Vicki Nicholson-Brown & Robbie Thorpe todiscuss the long term management of the Kings Domain burial site. There are major legal plans in the pipeworks with the sacking of all 48 Cultural Inspectors. How dare the govt do this so that they are the 1's who can legally determine what is a sacred site or not… read more here and here.

All the latest news is all here. Make sure you read the article by Stephen Hagan, theres a wealth of info on this site (with daily visitors jumping last week by 1000%) so forward the website on to your mates, add some comments to the site and lets raise the roof on Indigenous Issues in what is the most successful grassroots campaign to get indigenous issues back in the press in a long time.

Write a letter to campsovereignty@gmail.com on how visiting camp sovereignty effected you for us to put on the website. For so many it has been the 1st & best opportunity to learn about indigenous culture.What did you learn? And we always need more photos, send them in!

do your friends believe the press?

Camp Sov crew



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