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Supporters Update – May 5th May 5, 2006

Posted by campsovereignty in Camp News.

Hi Camp Sov supporters,

Just got off the phone to hear…

Calling all supporters, there's a picnic tomorrow, Saturday – bring food to eat and to share from 12 noon onwards. For those that want they can then head to the Michael Long walk into the MCG. Others are invited to stay and participate in workshop sessions and general planning. Who knows maybe Paul Kelly & Peter Garrett will visit the fire post MCG efforts.

Also tomorrow, Clare Land from ANTaR will hold a workshop on 'what do aboriginal people want & what can I do as a non indigenous supporter'. Clare will also provide information on the treaty scroll.

Just received this message from the camp crew:


Picnic and exhibition at Camp Sovereignty Saturday 6th May 12pm onwards

Come visit the camp and celebrate the 56th day of this amazing journey.
Bring a plate of food and picnic gear and share stories of the journey.
Bring along your photos, letters, journal entries, drawings, cartoons, reflection and contribute to the Tracing the Journey exhibition. The exhibition will happen throughout the day and all works will be used for zines at future fundraising events.
There will also be speaking circles throughout the afternoon.

Robbie Thorpe will be leading one on what treaty(ies) could possibly look like.

Clare Land will be leading one on what non-indigenous supporters to do.

And there will also be one tracing the journey of camp sovereignty thus far.
Hope to see you all there.


OK, down to grand final day, *Tuesday 9th sees the expiry of the court injunction*. Robbie Thorpe & the Camp Sovereignty crew have called for an all night film night by the director of 'Kangaroo & Emu'. This amazing director has compiled a swag of indigi films to keep us fired up during the night as the 12 midnight deadline looms.

Vicky Nicholson-Brown has faxed to Minister Jennings a legal response to the sacking of all cultural advisors. She is appealing her sacking through the courts. Go Vicky!

OK if you've read these updates it only takes a few minutes to write a letter to the Age or the Scum. Now's the time!!

till then

Camp Sov



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