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Paying respect May 6, 2006

Posted by campsovereignty in Support.


The following is an email response we received after posting Genocide, Sovereignty and Treaty by Robbie Thorpe a few days ago. This email is from some of our long time supporters who have another understanding of colonisation from the other side of the ditch. The experiences of Tangata Whenua are quite different from the experiences of Aboriginal people but we can learn lots from each other all the same. And of course the strength in solidarity is undeniable. Thanks a million to the Brown-Davis Whanau for all their aroha!

Tena koutou

"Not since 1972 has the Australian public seen such mass media interest in indigenous self-determination and justice. Like the Tent Embassy in Canberra, Camp Sovereignty is a neutral meeting place of social, spiritual and political significance to Aboriginal People that restores pride and dignity."

Spot on analysis as usual Robbie. The beauty of seeing people and a culture being lived and breathing and the positive effect that has had on land and people has been awesome. Land is vital for the well being of all indigenous peoples. Men and women & kids are living their culture and singing their language, its fierce and a privilege to witness.

The Tent Embassy was in Tamaki Makaurau (Auckland) in the 70’s at Takaparwha/Bastion Point, so its been good to return that reciprocity.

Supporting Camp Sovereignty has given our family the privilege to witness your reassertion of pride, power and control over your land and your lives and the positive momentum it has added to your struggle, laying down your lore, this has been sweet as.

Supporting Camp Sovereignty has given our settler family small legitimacy to live in your lands. It’s basic good manners to pay your respect and dues to the peoples that were here first.

Having a bit of a majority feeling on your land again, living your ways, what could be more empowering. Young men and women that society has consigned to the fringes, ex prisoners, street kids they have stepped up and with pride are there for their people and their land, cop that DHS, Justice and health, and all the millions that get made in negative funding of the Mainstream, response to the “Aboriginal Problem”

Your communities have always known which are the best ways to determine justice, support, heal, and educate your own peoples, there has never been a political will in this country to acknowledge that basic right to self determination from the basis of your lands and culture.

Hello Australia, genocide, racism & assimilation have had their day.

Embedded institutional racism, in denial even. What society which purports to have culture or values would sit back and watch a peoples receive every possible indignity imaginable.

Watching, local, state & federal settler governments hide behinds each other’s skirts and to band together yet again in opposition to Aboriginal people. That minister jennings is a joke, bracks kow-tows to ‘developers’ and the such like, don’t get me started on that howard.

Solidarity & Respect
Brown-Davis Whanau
John, Sina, Keith, Mere & Arwen



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