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Was that really neccessary? May 11, 2006

Posted by campsovereignty in Camp News.

No doubt you would have heard in the news by now that there was a bit of stress at Camp Sovereignty last night. After a beautiful long night of celebration and recollection, all of the supporters gathered around the fire to put it out in the proper way. The authorities weren't happy with that and barged through the crowd to put it out themselves, in complete disrespect to the Fire and all those around it.

The news today has been pretty full with claims and counter-claims of heavy handedness. We say, have a look for yourselves. The ABC website has a video to go with their report which you can read here. There is obvious signs of people being pushed around including one of our retired female supporters. Not cool.

One of our crew that was there said: "They came in through the women at the back when the men were standing at the front, the police took the easy way in and they were too heavy handed with what they did."

The irony of the situation is that council workers spent today putting insta-turf on top of the spot where the Sacred Fire was. It's impossible to miss the symbolism of that one!

We'll have more reports soon. 



1. gotheek - May 11, 2006

I have just published an article on the camp and its aftermath on Melbourne Indymedia


I hope that it does even a small justice to the struggle that has been fought and those that are to come.

2. crownlion - May 12, 2006

The current ravings of the media is focusing on this cost of Camp Sovereignty on the City of Melbourne. It is important to note that these costs were at the direction of the Melbourne City Council and NOT Camp Sovereignty.

The City Of Melbourne boasts a AAA credit rating as far as councils are concerned and they maintain low rates in comparison with other Australia inner city municipalities such as Sydney. For the year 05 / 06 there is a surplus expected in the vacinity of $3.5million.

If you were to take the alleged $100,000 cost of Camp Sovereignty and spread it across the population of the municipality then it has cost each resident a total $2.10 based on a population in the municipality of approximately 46,000. A nominal amount in real terms.

Whenever there is a protest it costs our society in some way, whether it be the cost of re-directing traffick or ensuring sufficient police on horses are on the ready.


If limitations were imposed on the level of public / civil actions whether they be protests in public places or marches down Spring Street, then we are really limiting our freedoms and rights and hence compromising the democracy we are so proud of. We are in fact so proud of democracy that we are willing hook up with the USA and spend absoulte millions on going to war in other countries to encourage them to become democratic.

I see this further and continued effort by this monster called the media to denegrade what Camp Sovereignty and the Sacred Fire stood for to be unsatisfactory, oppressive and simply lacking in ethical standards.

When are we going to see some ‘real’ dialogue on the importance of Aboriginal Self Determination and Sovereignty to the entire Australian society.

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