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Statement from Vicki Nicholson-Brown April 28, 2006

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You will remember the Camp Sovereignty statement on Monday regarding the Government decision to suspend the 48 Aboriginal Cultural Heritatge Inspectors in Victoria. One of those Inspectors Vicki Nicholson-Brown (who is innapropriately being blamed for this decision), released her own statement today. Camp Sovereignty thanks Vicki for her strength and determination to stand up for what is right. In particular, Vicki's determination to uphold the right of all Aboriginal People to make their own determinations on what is Aboriginal culture and heritage.

Here is Vicki's statement: (more…)


Message to Aboriginal Victorians: The Government Knows Best April 24, 2006

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Camp Sovereignty representatives today condemned the decision by the State Government to suspend forty eight cultural heritage inspectors and remove the ability of inspectors or magistrates who can make emergency declarations of cultural significance. (more…)

Camp Sovereignty rejects eviction notice April 10, 2006

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Camp Sovereignty today announced that they were planing on defying the Melbourne City Council Notice to Comply on the grounds that the MCC has no legal jurisdiction over the Camp.

"The Camp was established as a site operating under Aboriginal Sovereign Traditional Law. We recognise this law as having supreme jurisdictional authority over this land. Until the Melbourne City Council can prove they have consent from Aboriginal people to have jurisdiction over this land, we will continue to operate this site under our law; the superior, spiritual law, the law of this land" said Camp Sovereignty spokesperson Robbie Thorpe today.


Aboriginal Cultural Centre should be recognised April 7, 2006

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Following last nights' Melbourne City Council meeting and the unanimous resolution to continue discussions around the future of Camp Sovereignty, residents at Kings Domain have called for the site to be formally recognised as a Sacred Site under the Commonwealth Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Heritage Act.

"This site should be recognised for what it is, and what it has always been; a traditional place of healing, peace and justice. It is in the interest of all Victorians to have a place where people can come to learn about our culture." said Camp Sovereignty representative Robbie Thorpe today.

"Given that 80% of international tourists want to experience Aboriginal culture while they are here, it makes sense to have a place within the Melbourne cultural precinct dedicated to traditional Aboriginal culture."


Elders call on Apology From Queen March 19, 2006

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Despite Aboriginal Elder, Uncle Max Eulo of the Buddgeti Tribe (West NSW), standing in the hot sun for well over three hours to extend a traditional welcome and invitation to the Queen and Prince Phillip and/or visit Camp Sovereignty in King's Domain; he was not afforded this opportunity.

"I felt really bad about that. I was insulted. They were very rude" said Uncle Max today.

Camp Sovereignty today called on the Queen to apologise for the disrespect shown to Aboriginal Elders during her brief stay in Australia.

"It was bad enough that she didn't ackowledge the Traditional Owners in the Baton message but to ignore one of our Elders like that was extremely disrespectful" said Camp Sovereignty.

Camp Sovereignty Thanks Greens for Solidarity March 19, 2006

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The Black GST Stolenwealth Games Convergence in King's Domain today thanked Green Party Senator for Western Australia, Rachel Seiwart for her message of support and solidarity, which was delivered to camp today.

Rachel Siewart issued a public statement today in support of Camp Sovereignty and in support of the aims and objectives of the Black GST.

"While most of the nations representatives in Canberra are living in a state of denial about the history of colonisation in Australia, it is refreshing to hear a clear voice of reality coming from one corner of the Senate" said Robbie Thorpe today.

"We welcome the respect Sen. Seiwart has demonstrated towards our people, in particular her willingness to receive guidance from our elders as to how to redress the injustices of the past.

"Humble respect from politicians towards Aboriginal people is a very rare thing, and we look forward to working with Sen. Seiwart and other members of the Greens in the future."

Rachel Siewart's Statement:

Message of Support and Solidarity

To all the traditional custodians, and people from across the country gathered for the Stolenwealth Games…

As spokesperson for Indigenous Issues for the Australian Greens I would like to express our support for the ongoing struggle of Indigneous peoples towards self-determination and justice.

The Greens will work with Aboriginal peoples towards redressing the grave injustices of the past and seeking guidance from Indigenous Australians as to the best way of doing so.

The Prime Minister and those who came before him have much to be sorry for.

With an average life expectancy some 20 years less than other Australians, high levels of encarceration, lack of access to basic services such as healthcare, suitable husing and community services, and with the loss of opportunities for representation and self-determination there is much that needs to be resolved to ensure justice and equality for Indigenous Australians.

Indigenous Australians are the most marginalised and disadvantaged group in Australia, and yet the Howard Government and the ALP continue to ignore their needs.

We acknowledge the injustice done and the need for fundamental changes to address the issues of the Black GST campaign.

We continue to support the campaign for true reconciliation that addresses the injustice of the past and looks towards a hopeful future where all in this country can respect and honour all peoples, cultures, religions and our land. 

Written Notice Served to Queen on Matters of Genocide, Sovereignty and Treaty March 16, 2006

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Final written warning was today delivered to Queen Elizabeth the Second to address the fundamental issues of Genocide, Sovereignty and Treaty within 28 days or legal action would be carried out in the International Criminal Court of Justice.

Robbie Thorpe delivered the notice in person to Government House in Melbourne where the Queen is currently residing.

"I have exhausted all other legal avenues in this country to get these fundamental legal issues resolved. Despite victory in the Federal Court of Australia to force the Australian Government to pass legislation to make genocide a crime in Australia, these issues are still not being addressed.

"Queen Elizabeth II is the sovereign ruler of this nation and she is ultimately responsible for the running of this country. Unless she instructs the initiation of legal redress within the next 28 days, I will be taking this case further to the International Criminal Court.

"Our people never ceded Sovereignty over these lands; we have never given consent for what is effectively an undeclared war on our lands and against our people. We must have custodial rights over our sacred sites and the recognition of our traditional ceremony and practice entrenched in law.

"Unless The Queen instructs to make progress on these fundamental legal issues, she will be facing the prospect of an International Criminal Court summons."

Legal notice as follows:

To Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II

C/- Government House




Notice is hereby given that unless the addressee of this letter:

I. Instructs the Australian Government to introduce legislation to the Senate to Recognise Sovereignty for Indigenous People in Australia;

II. Instructs the Australian Government to begin negotiations on her behalf for Treaty between the Australian Government and Indigenous Nations;

Charges will be laid in the International Criminal Court on the Crime of Genocide as defined in the International Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.

All other legal avenues within the Legal System within the State of Australia have been exhausted.

Please contact Robert Thorpe Esquire within 28 days of this notice to inform the above conditions have been met to avoid further legal action.

Camp Site Established March 12, 2006

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The Stolenwealth Games Convergence in support of the Black GST established camp today in Kings Domain, Melbourne. Approximately 400 people gathered in ceremony as the Sacred Fire from the Tent Embassy in Canberra was placed on country.

The Sacred Fire has been established in Melbourne after a journey through Yorta Yorta lands including a ceremony in the Bharma Forest with members of the Wiradjeri, Wamba Wamba, Barapa Barapa, Gunnai/Kurnai and Yorta Yorta Nations to bring the fire across the Dhungala (Murray) River. A statement was signed by all represented Nations in support of ending genocide of peoples, lands and waters and demanding a treaty negotiation process to be entered into with the Crown.

Indigenous people and Supporters attended and supported the establishment of the fire and participated in a ceremony of respect for the fire. Thanks were offered to the Bunerong people, the owners of the land, for permission to camp there. Wood donated by the Yorta Yorta and Barapabarapa peoples was also added to the fire. Two Police Officers and the Park Ranger present participated in the fire ceremony, to the cheers of the crowd.

The Black GST thanks the Police, the Fire Service and the Park Rangers for their cooperation to ensure this is a peaceful event.

The Yorta Yorta Statement

On this day 11th March 2006 in the presence of members from the Wiradjeri, Wamba Wamba, Barapa Barapa, Gunnai/Kurnai and Yorta Yorta Nations, in the Barmah Forest on Yorta Yorta Country.

Acknowledged the lighting of the Sacred Fire on its journey from the Aboriginal Tent Embassy to the Stolenwealth Games site to be held on Wurenjeri and Boonerwung Nations.

We of the Yorta Yorta Nation demand the end of genocide of our peoples and our lands and waters.

We demand a treaty be signed between the British Sovereign of the Commonwealth with Indigenous Nations of Australia.