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We’re part of ‘official’ history May 9, 2006

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Well we're amused, but quite sure the Government won't be!

It seems Camp Sovereignty has made it into the official State Government history books. Wonder if the Commonwealth Games PR office knows about it…

2006 – Sunday, March 12
Aborigines from around Australia light a Sacred Flame at 11am and establish Camp Sovereignty at the Kings Domain Gardens in Melbourne, three days before the Commonwealth Games. The group known as Black GST (Genocide to end; Sovereignty acknowledged; Treaty to be made) attempt to highlight the 'Stolenwealth games'.

The Black GST video May 9, 2006

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The Black GST

This short documentary about contemporary and historical indigenous issues is narrated by two of the leaders of the Black GST movement, Robbie and Marg Thorpe. It explores the three main issues of unfinished business leftover from Australia's reconciliation movement.
G- Genocide
S – Sovereignty
T- Treaty
Shot and edited by Tim Parish and Krusty, the guerilla news style documentary is intended as a historical primer for people interested in the issues of Aboriginal rights in the lead up to the Stolenwealth Games in Melbourne 2006.

Warning: video file is 144mb and definitely requires broadband for viewing….

For more information visit the website: http://www.undergrowth.org/node/1151:

Genocide, Sovereignty and Treaty April 27, 2006

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While most of the press you will see about Camp Sovereignty is focussed on the superficial issues, there are of course some deep issues that Camp Sovereignty is there to talk about, and make moves towards reconciling. Most significantly is the issue of jurisdiction (thus the name Camp Sovereignty).

Below is a piece complied by one of our supporters containing information provided by Robbie Thorpe, who probably knows more about the legal and constitutional issues surrounding Australia’s history than anyone else. We hope you read this piece and learn a bit more about the historical reasons that Camp Sovereignty was set up, and why it is still there, keeping the Fire and the Spirit alive! (more…)