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Learning from Camp Sov May 9, 2006

Posted by campsovereignty in Support.

One of the awesome things about hanging out at Camp Sovereignty is the amount of learning or re-learning going on. For many people it's even a first experience with indigenous culture. After all, Camp Sovereignty is the only place in central Melbourne where you can go and experience grass roots Aboriginal culture in action. Something you'd think the Council would be keen to embrace, considering it isn't really costing them anything!

So we decided to open this space up for people to share with us all what Camp Sovereignty has taught them. We got our first response today from Graeme, who says:

Thus far, I have learned

1) how bizarre is Captain Cook's Cottage in a Melbourne Park

2) how extensive is Terra Nullius, that no permanent structure as built here prior to white settlement is exhibited, presently, in a Melbourne Park

3) how the sacking of 48 koori cultural officers to be replaced by hierarchy positions has taught me much about the colour of certain politicians

4) how a meeting keeping place occurs

I await further learning

On ya Graeme, we look forward to further learning with you!  The rest of you out there are welcome to share your thoughts with us all.  After all, you can't have a Treaty without agreement and you can't have agreement without dialogue!



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