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The times they are a-changing May 8, 2006

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As you may have remembered reading a few days ago, Tuesday at midnight was supposed to be the time the injunction runs out and the fire must be moved from the site in King's Domain.

Well, now we're not so sure. Rumours have been rife today and the time and date has been changing all day. It all depends on who you talk to in which government department at which time.



Paying respect May 6, 2006

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The following is an email response we received after posting Genocide, Sovereignty and Treaty by Robbie Thorpe a few days ago. This email is from some of our long time supporters who have another understanding of colonisation from the other side of the ditch. The experiences of Tangata Whenua are quite different from the experiences of Aboriginal people but we can learn lots from each other all the same. And of course the strength in solidarity is undeniable. Thanks a million to the Brown-Davis Whanau for all their aroha!


Supporters Update – May 5th May 5, 2006

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Hi Camp Sov supporters,

Just got off the phone to hear…

Calling all supporters, there's a picnic tomorrow, Saturday – bring food to eat and to share from 12 noon onwards. For those that want they can then head to the Michael Long walk into the MCG. Others are invited to stay and participate in workshop sessions and general planning. Who knows maybe Paul Kelly & Peter Garrett will visit the fire post MCG efforts. (more…)

Statement from Vicki Nicholson-Brown April 28, 2006

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You will remember the Camp Sovereignty statement on Monday regarding the Government decision to suspend the 48 Aboriginal Cultural Heritatge Inspectors in Victoria. One of those Inspectors Vicki Nicholson-Brown (who is innapropriately being blamed for this decision), released her own statement today. Camp Sovereignty thanks Vicki for her strength and determination to stand up for what is right. In particular, Vicki's determination to uphold the right of all Aboriginal People to make their own determinations on what is Aboriginal culture and heritage.

Here is Vicki's statement: (more…)

Happy 50th! Supporters Update 28th April April 28, 2006

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Yes – this Sunday is 50 days at Camp Sovereignty!

With the countdown to the Injunction Deadline, lets make the most of this sovereign land. The Anzac Day commemorations were a unifying event with about 200 there at the peak and over 500 people visiting over the
day. There were about 11 different mobs given sacred ashes to keep the fire burning for indigenous culture throughout the nations (including Torres Strait). (more…)

Genocide, Sovereignty and Treaty April 27, 2006

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While most of the press you will see about Camp Sovereignty is focussed on the superficial issues, there are of course some deep issues that Camp Sovereignty is there to talk about, and make moves towards reconciling. Most significantly is the issue of jurisdiction (thus the name Camp Sovereignty).

Below is a piece complied by one of our supporters containing information provided by Robbie Thorpe, who probably knows more about the legal and constitutional issues surrounding Australia’s history than anyone else. We hope you read this piece and learn a bit more about the historical reasons that Camp Sovereignty was set up, and why it is still there, keeping the Fire and the Spirit alive! (more…)

The Fire keeps spreading.. April 27, 2006

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Today a group from Framlingham representing the Tjapwhurrong People will be at Camp Sovereignty to collect ashes from the Sacred Fire to take back to their land and their people.  The Warrnambool Standard has a story on it here.

And Ringo has taken the fire out to Dandennong today.  It is understood from our on the spot reporters that the Sacred Fire will be taken to the Aboriginal Co-op out there while positive negotiations are taking place with the local council as to the long-term management of the Sacred Fire.

All this on top of the people from the Murray River, Yorta Yorta, the Grampians and the Torres Strait, just to name a few who took ashes from the fire on Tuesday.

The Sacred Fire spreads, so does the Healing and the Spirit! 

Stephen Hagan on Camp Sovereignty April 26, 2006

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Some of you who have been supporters of Camp Sovereignty for a while now might remember Stephen Hagan who launched his book "Australia's Blackest Sporting Moments: The Top 100" (which we highly recommend reading!) at Camp during the first couple of days that we were there.

Stephen is an excellent writer and has written a piece on his experience at Camp Sovereignty, including some wonderful insights into our Fire Keeper, Robert Corowa. This piece is primarily a discussion about Stephen's experiences of coming to melbourne for two very different types of Indigenous gatherings and contains some really interesting discussion.

Check it out.

ANZAC Day at Camp Sovereignty April 25, 2006

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As Australia commemorates ANZAC Day, Camp Sovereignty supporters will also remember the Indigenous soldiers who fought and fell in World War battles across history. Community Elders invite peaceful public participation in the Sacred Fire Smoking Ceremony at Camp Sovereignty this Tuesday at dawn and 12.30pm. (more…)

Message to Aboriginal Victorians: The Government Knows Best April 24, 2006

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Camp Sovereignty representatives today condemned the decision by the State Government to suspend forty eight cultural heritage inspectors and remove the ability of inspectors or magistrates who can make emergency declarations of cultural significance. (more…)